Colorful Sails


WEATHER: Check the weather and temperature in cities around the world as well as 10-day forecast. You need to know if you have to pack that umbrella or not.


TIME AND DATE: Check the time anywhere in the world. Know the time difference from your home country.


CURRENCY: Convert any type of currency.


PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: Check the public holidays at your travel destination, important when planning your trip.


AIRPORTS: Check information on the airport of your departure and destination.


AIRLINES: Visit links to almost every airline there is.


PHILIPPINE TOURISM: Go to the official It’s More Fun in the Philippines site.


PHILIPPINE DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Get information on Philippine passport renewals and new applications as well as on Philippine Embassies abroad.


PHILIPPINE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WELFARE AND DEVELOPMENT: Get the form and guidelines to apply for a travel clearance for Filipino minors.


PHILIPPINE NATIONAL STATISTICS OFFICE: Know how to get Civil Registration documents from the NSO, important for passports and visas.


PHILIPPINE BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION: Get information on the legal requirements for acquiring residence or citizenship in the Philippines.


GERMAN EMBASSY MANILA: Consular services for travel to Deutschland.


CARBON CALCULATOR: Check how many tons of Carbon Dioxide you are generating and how many trees it would take to offset those emissions.


MAINS POWER SYSTEM: Check the list of countries and territories, with the plugs, voltage and frequencies.